DIY Camping Pizza Oven

Posted by Saar Avrahamov on

We love camping, usually, in the middle of nowhere...

We Love Pizza.

So it was only a question of time till we found out a way to bake a great pizza while we are out there.

The first version of our pizza oven was very simple and based on regular Coleman products and 2 Fire Bricks:

1. Coleman camping Oven

2. Coleman 2 Burners Dual Fuel Stove  (Model 424)

3. 2 Fire Bricks

We put the bricks on the bottom of the oven and when it was hot enough, we started to make pizza on it (usually, after 20 minutes of heating).

The pizza came out tasty, but, that setup has one major disadvantage, the heat came from under the bricks, so most of the heat returned down to the... stove and table. one plastic table was ruined while running it for the first time :). it is a waste of energy, it takes few minutes for each pizza and it may damage the stove itself.

That's how it looked in action:

Pizza in Coleman Camping Oven

So, It is the time to introduce Camping Pizza V2.0 :)

I was looking for a commercial solution but couldn't find one that fit my needs, so I decided to build one on my own.

The idea was to be able to use any heat source, wood, single or double stove.

I wanted to avoid heat lose and reduce the cooking time to no more than 2 minutes for one pizza.

I wanted something which wouldn't be too big or too heavy, therefore, I defined the maximum pizza size to be 12"x12" (about 30x30 cm) .

I decided to place the heat source at the back of the oven (and under it in case of a stove).

I also decided that the top of the oven will be removable in order to be able to use the oven as a container for the relevant equipment. 

Materials: Inner side would be 1.5mm steel shits, outer side would be 2mm Aluminium sheets (besides the bottom and the back which are stainless steel.

Skeleton: 15x15mm stainless steel.

 Between the inner and outer layers there would be a ceramic isolating blanket

Some pictures:

pizza oven frame 1

pizza oven frame 2

The back of the oven is 3mm steel

pizza oven 3

pizza oven 5

pizza oven 6

Adding isolating blanket:

adding isolating blanket

isolating blanket 2

isolating blanket 3

Cutting 2.5" burner hole at the bottom:

cutting burner hole

Fitting a cover:

Fitting a cover

Isolating the cover:

isolating the cover

The oven's cover


First test, after ~10 minutes:

How hot is that pizza oven

Second test, final version excluding the legs/handles:


Fire in the hole:

Fire in the hole :)

Pizza in the oven (didn't take a photo when it was ready, it was eaten too fast...):

Pizza in the oven


The new camping pizza oven works great. it is a little heady (around 16kg including the fire brick), but it worth it :)

Next week I will run a test with the Coleman Sportster 533 dual fuel single burner.

In 3 weeks we are about to go out to the desert for few days, that would be the real field test, will update...