Painting a 1998 Discovery with U-POL Raptor

Posted by Saar Avrahamov on

The original color of my 1998 Discovery 300Tdi was in bad shape, so I decided to re-paint it, but I wanted to do it at home, as a DIY project.

I heard about U-POL Raptor bed liner from a friend and decided to give it a chance as the preparing and spraying seems to be much easier comparing to a regular car paint.

Basically, all you have to do is sand the varnish of the car and spray the bed liner according to the instructions.

Notice that you can achieve different look/texture by using different spray guns/air pressure.

I used a 1.8mm spray gun (not U-POL's one) and a 28 PSI air pressure.

Here are some pictures:

 preparing to paint

First coating:

Almost done:

Discovery 300Tdi paint job

Final result:

U-POL Raptor on discovery diesel