Collapsible Windbreak shield

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 Getting tired of trying to light the stove in the wind?

We have the perfect solution!

Use our collapsible Wind shield and light the stove or grill easily,

The shield is made of high quality Aluminum  alloy, can be folded easily and stored in its bag.

To your convenience, we offer several sizes of that great shield:

8 Plates: 9.4*26.4inches 0.44lbs (240*670mm 200g)

10 Plates : 9.4*32.6inches 0.57lbs (240*830mm 260g)

12 Plates : 9.4*39.4inches 0.7lbs (240*1000mm 320g)

14 Plates : 9.4*46inches 0.8lbs (240x1170mm 365g)

16 Plates : 9.4*52.7inches 0.91lbs (240*1340mm 415g)



Shipping time to US: 10 to 30 business days. 

Shipping time to the rest of the world: 10 to 40 business days.